At Ambrosia Tavern, We believe that every guest should be treated with the same respect, afforded the same service and provided with the same great quality of food each and every visit. Our goal is to provide customers with unique combinations of flavors, both our bar and kitchens are “from scratch”. We emphasize customer service, going above and beyond expectations in order to make the guest experience memorable. Our menu will provide guests with a fusion of international flavors as we have two executive Chefs; one specializing in authentic Indian cuisine and the other handling cooking New England favorites and Italian dishes. We are firm believers in the fact that fresh, house made ingredients make better products and we go every extent to keep our products as fresh and as local as possible. The same tactics were used for developing our cocktail menus and bars; all juices and mixes are fresh squeezed to order. We are always changing our drink specials; incorporating fresh seasonal and local fruits.

Established in 2013
The central part of the building was built as the home to a local industrialist in 1836. It was converted into a restaurant by the Scarlatelli family in 1948, who operated Brook Manor for more than a half-century before the building was sold in 2002.

For more than five decades, at a time when people still “dressed for dinner” the Brook Manor Restaurant was synonymous with fine dining. Before it became a restaurant, it was a private home built for one of the most wealthy residents of North Attleborough.

Main Dining room
Our main dining room is very inviting and elegant. It offers a good upscale atmosphere for our guests to enjoy a nice dinner out with family. Open every night for dinner!
Dining Room Bar room
Our Dining room bar is very different from our Sports Bar and Lounge. With one big screen tv in the middle of the bar, our guests can enjoy sporting events yet still get the elegance and the atmosphere of our upscale dining room.

Sports Bar & Lounge
Enjoy all your favorite sporting events @ Ambrosia Tavern. We offer a wide variety of items to please all our guests, food as well as cocktails. We have all the bar favorites like wings, pizza, burgers and sandwiches. Our Sports Bar & Lounge is open late and offers a late night menu for our guests to enjoy.
Martini Bar
Our Martini bar has great ambient lighting and is secluded from our main sports bar. Enjoy a more personal experience with friends and our fresh martinis with great appetizers.
116 Elm Street, North Attleboro, MA      Phone: (508) 699-0778